Hosting a Laurence Shahlaei seminar in Belgium

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Hey everyone. It's your favourite strongman stalker at it again. This time I had taken it upon me to run my second strongman seminar in Belgium. The first one had none other than Bill Kazmaier come over and tell us all about the wild adventures from his era and the current era of strongman.

This one was meant to be a bit different. First of all: I wasn't bringing Kaz this time, ha! Laurence Shahlaei himself was my next vict- I mean candidate. Now, I've been to quite a lot of the top strongman seminars over the past 2 years. After that scouting mission I figured the best one to bring to Belgium would be Loz. Lots of knowledge and good advice at a decent pace, with enough personal attention for everyone there. It just felt right.

(pictures taken by Neil Sharland Photography at the Exeter seminar in June 2018)

So the first difference was an active strongman with several world records instead of a strongman legend with a rich past. The next difference is where it got more interesting. Kaz arrived nicely on time and we could relax and head to the gym with enough time for a good lunch. No such luck with Loz. I don't know if they noticed an imbalance in the plane on the side he was sitting or something, but they wouldn't take off on time. The (non-lewd) messages (you perverts) he sent me multiplied the sweat on my back exponentially. We wouldn't be making it to the gym on time.

So we had to cut corners. Eating would be done in the car. I prayed that Loz wasn't a messy eater (and he isn't!). Not much else we could do besides having him pull the plane to the terminal to make it go faster. In the end we arrived about half an hour late, which wasn't that bad. Loz was also fine with going over the allotted time. He's very easy to work with, so take notes people. I do realise I'm writing this on his own website, but I assure you there are no Eyes of Sauron watching over me and this is all completely genuine *laughs nervously* (See? This is good, right? Please don't take away my writing privileges!).

The seminar had a bit of a blitz start. No real chit-chat, no sitting around for 30 minutes - 1 hour. Get those platforms ready, load up some bars and get to deadlifting! He took us through the main movement, took a good look at how everyone lifts and gave some good personal pointers and general advice about accessory movements as well. In between all of this there was plenty of time for people to ask him 1-on-1 questions that didn't really take away his attention too much from the group. Multi-tasking is a very important skill, which Loz is really good at. Loz, if Liz uses this part to make you do more around the house, then I am very sorry. I meant well.

No Loz seminar is complete without teachings on the yoke. With the set-up and movement as the cornerstones, soon everyone was training their soul. The yokes were no jokes by the way. They weighed in at 180kg EMPTY. This didn't scare anyone though. Every attempt at picking them up was succesful, even by the first timers. Some even moved it across the finish line. Definitely impressive. Soon it turned into a bit of a contest among the more seasoned runners. Others saw this as an opportunity to hit a PR in the presence of the world's best runner. A fun bit of entertainment and a bit of a demonstration on what strongmen in Belgium are capable of. It went even further into the competition weight of an upcoming contest. In between the yoke runs Loz was giving advice and answering more questions. It all went so smoothly and sadly that means time passes quite quickly.

So the ceremony concluded with photo moments, signatures and some last minute Q&A. It was good to see that people had really enjoyed themselves. It brightened up my day, because the whole situation with the delayed flight had put me in a bit of a foul mood internally. No such thing with Loz though. Smiling all the way, making people feel at ease and sending them home with a wealth of new knowledge at their disposal. Even the well experienced athletes told me that they learned a lot and they were grateful for the opportunity. I couldn't have asked for more than that.

Thank you Laurence.

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