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I feel the need to start this blog with a disclaimer; I'm not a writer. Never have been, never aspired to be, and almost definitely never will be. I actively avoid writing if I can help it and will stealthily pass the laptop to the wife while I pop the kettle on for her. She can usually be bribed with a cup of tea.

That said, here I am blogging, apparently. So welcome.

Husband, Father, Strongman, Blogger?

A Proper Introduction

If you're here then the chances are that you already know who I am. Unless you took a wrong turn somewhere and landed here by mistake, in which case this introduction is for you.

I'm Laurence Shahlaei, a thirty-something year old pro Strongman living just on the outskirts of Swindon in England. I live with my wife Liz, our 9 month old daughter, Alexa, Liz's 9 year old son Lewis, and I have an older daughter Ava who's also 9, who I spend as much time with as possible.

Those guys are my everything. A bit obvious probably, but they really are. Everything I do is for them, everything I want is for them. There will likely be times on here when I'll take the piss out of Liz, but that's just how we are and she probably deserved it at the time.

I wont go on about my professional accolades as they're here elsewhere on the site, but I'll summarise by saying I'm pretty decent at what I do, and have won some titles and stuff.

So, Why The Blog?

One thing I've always felt that Strongman really lacks as a sport is the ability to get information out there quickly. We live in the age of information where pretty much anything you could possibly ever need to know is available right there through your phone - yet in Strongman it still sometimes feels like you have to visit several different athlete pages and two forums just to find out who won the deadlift.

So, one of the big aims of this blog is to keep you guys updated with all the latest Strongman news, which may be a case of me visiting several athletes pages and two forums for you.

As well as Strongman news, I'll be bringing you articles containing my general thoughts and musings about Strongman, the athletes and everything that goes with it.

I always welcome comments, ideas and contributions from my followers, so feel free to say hello in the comments section below. There should also be a subscribe function somewhere.

Until the next one,


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