SFN EXPO - A Stoltman Showdown

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

This weekend Glasgow saw the return of SFN, a health and fitness Expo that played host to Scotland's Strongest Man Final and The European Log and Deadlift championships, amongst other events.

Unfortunately I couldn't be there myself as I had a busy weekend of Strength Seminars down in the sunny south of England, but I'd been keeping up to date as best I could.

From the footage, comments and feedback I've seen online, it looked like a great event.

I've been to many many Expos over the years, from the big and busy to the small and sad. Not all Expos are made the same.

Changing of the Guard

Probably the biggest news to come out of the event is that Scotland has a new Strongest Man. Tom Stoltman managed to dethrone his older brother Luke for the title. I know many people would say they're not surprised by this, but let's not forget that Luke has held this title for the past 5 years and has never placed below Tom in competition before.

It's not like Luke had a terrible weekend though. He set a new Scottish log lift record with a very impressive 200kg lift, took second place in the overall comp, and continues to be one of the best and in my opinion, most underrated strongmen in the UK.

A huge congratulations to Tom on his deserved win. In the past he's struggled to hold his nerve under pressure, but this weekend everything came together on the day and I'm sure he's thrilled to take away his first big title win.

I've no doubt that this is just the beginning for Tom and that he'll continue to become a more dangerous athlete in the sport. I think Britain's Strongest Man 2019 is going to be very interesting and closer than ever.

Big Congratulations also to Zake Muluzi for completing the podium and taking 3rd place.

Big Lifts

I was really happy to learn that Aaron Page won the European Deadlift Championships with his 420kg lift. Last year Aaron competed in the same event and pulled 350kg. He was hoping to get 405kg this year, which would have been an impressive improvement, but to put 70kg on your deadlift in a year is unbelievable progress.

I'm expecting big things from Aaron next year and I really think he's got a shot at making it to World's Strongest Man if he carries on like this.

Big Z was back this weekend for another shot at that elusive 230kg log lift world record which has evaded him (I think) 5 times now this year. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. Z must believe that he's good for this as I don't believe for a minute that he'd keep trying if he didn't know he could get this weight up. The log lift world record currently sits with Z, so it's not like he's trying to get his record back, but this is something that's obviously important to him for him to have attempted it so many times.

In Other News...

A huge congratulations to Sam Parker for becoming the first Brit to total 1000kg RAW in a powerlifting meet. I know how much hard work and sacrifice has gone into making this happen, and I couldn't be happier for him and his family.

Until the next one,


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