Three Strongmen (that you might not have heard of) to look out for in 2019

The athletes I'll be talking about in todays post are guys that you wont have seen at World's, and depending on where you're from, you may not have heard of them yet. These are upcoming athletes that I consider to have great potential in the sport based on what I've seen of them both in person at competitions, and online in their training videos. I think these could be three names that all Strongman fans will know by the end of 2019.

Evan Singleton

Evan competed in his debut Strongman contest in just April of this year. The competition was North Carolina's Strongest Man and Evan took 1st place, which qualified him for the Giant's Live North American Championships.

It was at the Giant's Live show, which was held in Martinsville Indiana, that I met Evan. While he made a fair few rookie mistakes, the raw potential that he has is clear to see. I'd expect anyone competing for the second time ever to make mistakes, but I wouldn't expect to see anyone's second competition to be a Giant's Live show.

To be competing at an international level, televised competition so soon after venturing into Strongman is a huge achievement in itself, but I truly believe that with a bit more experience, Evan could be brilliant. I saw some technical errors and rookie mistakes in his performance, but those are all things that can easily be improved, and when you're already performing at that level as a rookie, it'll be exciting to see where he could be with a bit of time and experience.

Aaron Page

Aaron has had an incredible 12 months and made some ridiculous progress in that time. The British Strongman has put 70kg on his deadlift, taking it from 350kg to 420kg. He's beaten Strongman legends such as Terry Hollands and Mark Felix in competition, and I believe he has a good chance of qualifying for World's 2019.

One of the best things about Aaron is that he clearly loves training for and competing in Strongman. He sometimes comes up to train with me, and it's always a fun session. So often I see guys that almost want it too much, and they put so much pressure on themselves and stop enjoying it. Aaron enjoys the whole experience and if he can continue to progress like he has this past year, I predict great things for him in 2019.

Charles Mitchell III

Texan Charles 'Trey' Mitchell had an incredible 2017. He won the Strongman Corporation Amateur Nationals, earning him his pro card, and then went on to also win the Official Strongman Games, earning him a spot in the Giants Live North American Championships.

It was at the Giants Live show in June 2018 that I met Charles, a show in which he took second place and qualified for his first World's Strongest Man. Charles performed consistently throughout the day with no obvious weaknesses. He outperformed more experienced athletes and rightfully earned his spot at World's.

When I was forced to pull out of this years World Team Championships to recover from a few niggling injuries, Charles stepped in and was paired with Martins Licis. They went on to take second place in a show packed with some of the best Strongmen in the world. I'm looking forward to seeing how Charles does at World's 2019, and predict big things for his future.

There's a tonne of talented upcoming athletes out there and these are just a few who have stood out to me. Who do you think could do big things in the sport but they're not yet being talked about? Let me know in the comments.

Until the next one,


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